Console Games


Commissioned by Ripstone to write text and dialogue for the app Flyhunter: Origins.

Released November 2014.







































Commissioned by Disney Interactive California and Harmonix USA to write for the Xbox One Kinect motion controlled game Fantasia: Music Evolved. Released October 2014.


Commissioned by SK Planet Inc, san Francisco to write ideas, content, functions and dialogue for the fun social networking app YouMeVerse.

Released July 2014.



Commissioned by Team 17 to write story, text and scripts for Worms: Clan Wars. Katherine Parkinson recorded dialogue for the adventurer character Mz Tara Pinkle. Released in 2013.

Mickey's Castle Of Illusion

Commissioned by Sega Australia to write on the Mickey’s Castle Of Illusion reboot.










Commissioned by Ukrainian app developer Room 8 (via Chillingo) to write story and text on Cyto.






Crystal Siege

Commissioned by FDG in Germany to write dialogue and story for the forthcoming sword and sorcery game Crystal Siege.








Smart As...

Commissioned by Sony to write John Cleese’s narrator script for the Vita brain training game ‘Smart As…’ Released in 2012.





Worms: Revolution

Commissioned by Team 17 to write story, text and scripts for Worms: Revolution. Matt Berry recorded dialogue for the wildlife documentary maker character Don Keystone. Released in 2012.







Playstation All Stars

Commissioned by Sony to write LBP text for Playstation All Stars.