TV & Radio


Commissioned to write for Friends Like These, a BBC Saturday evening show starring Ant and Dec. Shown in February - April 2000.

Awarded a Bronze award at the Montreux Festival in May 2000.

Commissioned to write for Timmy Towers, a CITV children's show starring Timmy Mallett. Shown in April 2000.





Commissioned by BBC and Smash Hits to write Ant and Dec's and Lily Savage's links for the 1996 Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. 

Commissioned by Diverse Productions to write a children's show for the Australian comedy double act The Umbilical Brothers. Shown on BBC 1. 

Commissioned by Carlton Television to write a format for a proposed children's Saturday morning show. (As per Mick Robertson.)


Commissioned to write for the Witzend sketch show We Know Where You Live for Channel 5. The show starred Simon Pegg, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Fiona Allen. 

Commissioned by Zenith Productions to write comedy material for certain episodes of Byker Grove.

Commissioned by Channel 4 to write an audio tape promoting the series Wise Up. 

Commissioned by Witzend to write for the sketch show Six Pairs Of Pants. The show starred Jessica Stevenson (pictured), Simon Pegg and Sally Phillips 

Commissioned by Zenith Productions to write The Ant And Dec Show (series 2). 

  • This series was nominated for Best Children's Comedy in the 1996 British Comedy Awards, and for a BAFTA. 
  • Awarded a Royal Television Society award in 1997. 


Commissioned by ITV to write material for The Brian Conley Show. 






Commissioned by Talkback to write for the 1995 series of Smith And Jones. 

Wrote and published own children's comic Fizog, (now defunct and pictured left). Click here to view Fizog entry on British Comics Website.








Began writing scripts, sketches and stand up material for the comedian Charlie Chuck, (Uncle Peter from The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer.) Had much material performed by Charlie on The James Whale Show.






Appointed Editor of the now defunct children's comic Acne.










Began writing scripts, articles, quizzes and drawing cartoons for various national comedy magazines and comics.