TV & Radio


Commissioned to write the treatment and pilot episode for an animated, kid’s mental health, comedy animation based on the Butterfly Squad school visit programme.

Commissioned by Toonz to write the treatment and scripts for a You Tube Shorts series of animations for the upcoming, American, Creepy Candy brand.


Commissioned by Spider Eye, Cornwall, to write the treatment and a pilot episode for a silent, slapstick animation show. 


Commissioned to write the treatment and a pilot episode for a silent, slapstick animation show eejits based on the award winning brand. Click here for the website.


Commissioned by Chinese animation company FX Entertainment to write and edit series 1 of the forthcoming pre-school animation show Conablue. 


Commissioned to write ideas for a new Carry On film. 


Commissioned by Amazon Audible to create Sheerluck’s Mysteriously Mysterious Mysteries, a family comedy mystery audio / download show featuring on my Sheerluck character. 









Commissioned by Spider-Eye to write treatments and scripts for The Impossimals animation project. 













Commissioned by Lion TV to write sketches for series 7 of Horrible Histories. 









Commissioned by Moonmedia Entertainment, the Netherlands, to write the treatment and pilot script for the puppet family comedy The Truffles. 
















Commissioned by Spider-Eye, Cornwall, to write the treatment and pilot episodes for the animation concept Danger Dog / Mad Dog Jones. 













Commissioned by Puzzle London to script a advert for Britain’s Got Talent sponsor Lotto featuring novelty act Stavros Flatley.









Commissioned by Bright Star Characters to write a pilot episode for the pre-school animation idea Popcorn The Bear. 






Commissioned by Cube Kids to write a pilot script for the interactive, pre-school animation Alfi The Inventor.







Supplied story ideas for the animated series of Zig & Zag, shown on CBBC. 

Asked to contribute ideas for a proposed Jim Henson Workshop / Julie Andrews show about the arts. 



Commissioned by Plum Films and Cbeebies to write episodes of Teacup Travel. Series first transmitted February 2015.

Commissioned by Italian company Alderberan Distribution to write the treatment and episodes of Koouka, a proposed animation concept presented by us at Cartoon Forum, Toulouse, France.









Commissioned by Mirayi Animation, Malaysia, to write the treatment and pilot episodes of the kid’s action adventure series MegaBear. 



















Commissioned to write ideas, treatments and scripts for the upcoming pre-school healthy eating comedy Pop-A-Deli.












Commissioned by Backbone Entertainment in Malaysia to write 26 episode of the action adventure comedy animation Jinggo (pictured).








Commissioned by Uli Meyer Animation to write for a proposed St Trinians cartoon series.








Commissioned by Little Lamb Media (Wales) to write treatments and pilots for 2 up and coming children’s animated TV shows.



Appeared on Channel 5’s documentary Greatest TV Weddings (Objective Productions) to talk about the SMTV Live wedding of Dec and Cat in Chums. (We came 25th out of 25 – not bad.)





Commissioned by Unanico (London & China) to write scripts and original stories for the proposed cartoon series ‘The Wonderful World Of Oz’ based on The Little Wizard Stories of L. Frank Baum.