Disturbing Bedtime Tales is an anthology that takes the medium of the fairytale and fable to new dimensions of dark and twisted, comedic surrealism. From the story of Brasnips the Pisswitch, who terrorises a village by slashing on its vegetable yield, to the fable of The Chronic Arsetronaut, the first sexist man in outer space, these fragmented parables will leave you wide-eyed and wondering if there really is a God. The Liar, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Angels of the Garden Shed and Wee Willy Knicker-Sniffer are the cautionary tales the Brothers Grimm nearly wrote but thought better of and the ideas Hans Christians Anderson dismissed as the onset of madness. Enjoy. And… unpleasant dreams.

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This is a collection of short stories that is not only very funny despite it's vulgarity but because of it. The more astute reader will soon realize that there is in fact some very clever writing here when you look below the surface, which given Dean Wilkinson's credible and experienced writing background in books, games and television is not surprising.

As I said, Shakespeare it isn't... but I'm sure Henry IV and Macbeth would have been markedly different if the bard had read these tales beforehand. If you have the energy for a four hour long snigger punctuated with bouts of rib cracking, hernia inducing laughter then I heartily recommend it!